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"Paula worked with me to select the most effective herbal combination that would give me relief from my arthritic hands. They worked!"

Nikole G.



What Can Herbal Medicine and Supplements treat?


Herbal medicine can treat a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, dementia, infertility and hormonal imbalances from PMS to menopause. It is also used for respiratory, gastrointestinal, RA, autoimmune, diabetes, and more. We are mindful and trained in how Western medicine pharmaceutical treatments work with these. Each patient is treated as whole and thoroughly screened for their existing drug treatments.


Quality, efficiency, integrity and therapeutic outcomes are a fundamental platform for good herbal medicine supplements. The state of New Jersey Board of medical examiners has a license requirement for the practice of Herbology in the state. 

What Can I Expect with Herbal Medicine?


There are many forms of herbal medicine. Tablets, tea pills, capsules and dissolving granules. We also provide raw herbs for tea infusions. Depending on their condition and length of illness determines how quickly the medicine works. Some people report improvement as early as one week to three months of treatment. 


Dr. Redhead is a board-certified diplomat in Herbal medicine. She is not only licensed to practice Herbology, but also her doctorate thesis was on quality control therapeutic efficacy of finished herbal medicinals.




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